From trainer to coach

More and more often I hear from coaches: "I coach my colleagues... here and there". Coaching is still often taken completely wrong. Nevertheless, coaching is also for trainers one of the most important tools to not only convey the content to participants, but to make it tangible. In this further training you come with your own training concepts and we look as a group where exactly coaching can start, which question techniques can refresh your training and which coaching tools can be integrated well into trainings.


As a long-term trainer, coach and change manager, you will not only benefit from my experience, but also from that of the other participants who are also allowed to speak.



The topics are designed according to your question, your training concept or your questions.

On request, I will also be happy to provide advice and further training for you or your team on individual request.


Duration: 3 days

Cost: 1.155,- € p.P.

Dates: as required

Number of participants: 5 - 16 participants


Costs for company groups

- 6.660,- Euro (groups of 5 - 15 persons - 1 coach)

- 12.960,- Euro (groups of 15 - 40 persons - 2 coaches)


Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching 


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