Team Coach

There are many different areas of teamwork.

During these 4 days you will get an overview of what you can do with teams that have received different aspects, problems or tasks.



1) Old becomes new

New employees join an existing team or the team does not know each other yet.

You learn:

  • Getting to know the individual team members through storytelling and improvisation.
  • Define vision, mission and ways of working
  • Arrange communication in a team
  • Dealing with different personalities
  • Introduce or strengthen meeting and learning culture in the team


2) Optimize teamwork

Great people on the team, but it doesn't work with the result:

You learn: 

  • Recognize and reflect on existing structures
  • Redefine goals and coordinate them together
  • Introducing collegial consultation into team meetings 
  • Uncovering and clarifying patterns in teamwork
  • Working out Loud for teams


3) The agile team

Not every team can work agilely and self-organized but there are ways and means to introduce this step by step.

Agile methods in teams

  • Self-organized work requires good role clarity
  • Resilience in teams - dealing with change
  • What resources does a team have to be strong and able to work at all times?
  • Use creative methods to solve problems
  • Team structure and organizational methods to give agility a structure


4) Coaching in teams

Dealing with problems

  • Difficult team members - what to consider how can I use differences?
  • Systemic question technique coupled with creative methods in teamwork
  • Use Reflecting Team in Teams
  • Reflection on your own coaching tools and skills


Prerequisite: Coaching Basics (3 days)

Duration: 4 days

Cost: 1.540,- € per person

Number of participants: 6 - 16 participants 


Costs for company groups: 

- 8.880,- Euro (groups of 5 - 15 persons - 1 coach)

- 17.280,- Euro (groups of 15 - 40 persons - 2 coaches)


Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching 


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