How often do we sit in meetings and wonder why we are listening these bad presentations?


As a communication and change manager, I was responsible for translating complex issues into simple language and images for many years.

At some point I became aware of the methods of storytelling. It helped me so much in my work life that I decided to include these tools in our training courses.


The difference to other Storytelling seminars is that we will deal with your way of telling stories: We look at how you position yourself personally with your topics. You can bring along current examples that you would like to convert into a story. This could be your own elevator pitch, a change project, an article - whatever!



- How do you position yourself better in your environment? 

- How to apply the basics of storytelling

- How do you build a good story out of technical or supposedly boring topics?

- Appreciation of your work and the work of your team

- You develop your first story and get direct feedback


Duration: 1 day

Costs: 385,00 €

Dates: as required

Number of participants: 6 - 16 participants

Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching



2220,- Euro (groups of 6 - 16 persons - 1 trainer)

4320,- Euro (groups of 16 - 40 persons - 2 trainers)


Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching


Are you interested in creating a story from all your topics and presentations? 

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