Innovative Resilience Canvas Model

This training combines resilience, business models and design thinking in one training course. 


What is resilience? 

Resilience is a psychological resistance that helps to withstand everyday stress and life crises. To be resilient does not mean to be completely inviolable and not to feel negative feelings in difficult situations, but rather to be able to recover quickly from these circumstances.


At best, strategies are acquired to be able to cope with future difficulties more successfully. In this way one comes much closer to the goal of becoming a happier and stronger person.


At the same time persons who are resilient possess beside the high load-carrying capacity also rather higher characteristics in characteristics such as flexibility, optimism, autonomy and empathy. Resilience is not only very profitable, but develops over time through practice. This means that it can both be learned and improved.


But what is innovative about it?

In this further training the basic ideas of resilience are extended to other areas of life and work and procedures are developed together with the group, which apply to your very special target group and/or your topic. Here are a few examples:

  • Resiliente team leadership
  • Develop resilient IT solutions
  • Resilient product development
  • Resiliente Project Management
  • Resilient working 



1) Experience the basics of resilience on your own body / MindSet [2 days].

Location resilience: Where do I stand today, what makes me tick and what do I need to go one step further?

We will work on the 7 phases of resilience with different tools. All tools are provided as a quick guide to the steps in

Use your training or for later work with other teams or people.

Goal: You recognize your own ability to be resilient, know your resources and can appreciate them.


2) Innovative resistance with the Canvas Model [2 days].

We will discuss the 7 phases of resilience (optimism. Acceptance, responsibility, self-control, network, solution orientation and shaping the future) to other areas of life or work.

By a purposeful ideation process you learn in this further training far over the edge of plate to look at and Resilienz to apply, for example with the development of a new IT solution. 

Working together in a group results in completely new working models, business strategies or product solutions. 

Similar to Design Thinking, new models are created here, which we will create and test directly as prototypes.


Duration: 4 days

Cost: 1540,- per person (courses take place when a group is formed)


Costs for company groups: 

- 8.880,- Euro (groups of 5 - 15 persons - 1 coach)

- 17.280,- Euro (groups of 15 - 40 persons - 2 coaches)


Dates: Dates will be discussed with the group. This ensures that everyone has the time to participate. 

Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching. 


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