interview techniques

The main thing when conducting interviews are open questions and very good and active listening. During my Design Thinking trainings I observe that everyone thinks: "I can do it. Questions! Yes, of course, I can!

 Then I ask: "What exactly did the lady/the gentleman say, why do they do this or that?

Answer: "Oh, I forgot".


Many people only ask about superficial events. The why is simply forgotten or you don't feel good about asking deeper.


The second thing that is often underestimated is active listening. Many people think that they can do that. Unfortunately the information is often not usable properly.

Active listening does not only help when conducting an interview. It generally helps with all interpersonal encounters and serves the better understanding of my counterpart and the exchange on all levels.


You can learn both techniques! 

This training shows you how to proceed and you get exercises that you can simply copy and use.



- Active listening

- Using systemic questioning techniques in Design Thinking interviews

- Many practical exercises


Duration: 1 day

Cost: 385,00 € per person


Dates: as required

Number of participants: 6 - 16 participants



- 2220,- Euro (groups of 6 - 16 persons - 1 trainer)

- 4320,- Euro (groups of 16 - 40 persons - 2 trainers)



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