design thinking

With Design Thinking (DT) you have the possibility to work agile and user-centered, to shorten long processes and to release hidden potentials in employees and companies and to develop new ones.


Many people believe that this method is only useful for innovation processes. My experience is that it can also be used to implement a corporate strategy, for annual planning or in change management.


What is different about this DT training compared to other providers?

Many DT trainings have a timeframe that I don't find pleasant, like e.g. ideation exercises in 5 minutes per session - no longer... Under time pressure new ideas should be created.

For pedagogical reasons I have distanced myself from this. From my point of view, you can't learn well under pressure. Our motto in all trainings is: fun to learn, to try out, to apply and the right time frame to think ideas to the end.



- Develop products, business areas and services with Design Thinking (DT) methods

- Definition of the reference field (problem, improvement of an existing fact or product)

- Basic concepts of DT and its fields of application

- Difference DT to Lean StartUpTheory

- Interview techniques

- User-centric survey

- Define the needs and/or problems of the persons concerned

- Establish solution approaches for affected parties

- Finding and sketching creative ideas

- Building, pitching and validating prototypes


Duration: 3 days

Costs: 1155,- Euro per person

Number of participants: 5 - 16 persons

Dates: as required


Costs for companies:

- 6.660,- Euro (groups of 5 - 15 persons - 1 trainer)

- 12.960,- Euro (groups of 15 - 40 persons - 2 trainers)


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