Coaching Basics

I started my systemic coaching training in 2014. Since then my life, my interaction with other people and the way I work has turned 180 degrees.


I would like to share my experience with you by offering this special training!

You will get to know the basics of systemic coaching and can apply your first small coaching sessions.


After these three days you will have an good overview  of coaching tools and how to use them. You are than able to decide, if you want to go further with your training to become a full coach.



- What does systemic mean: basic ideas, concepts and definitions?

- Coaching clients.

- What topics are covered in a coaching?

- Rules and attitude in coachings

- Contracting in coachings.

- Active listening and good communication with cochees.

- No-Go in Coachings.

- Four phases of the coaching process according to Volmer/König

- Target development and target clarification in coachings.

- Paraphrasing and mirroring.

- Systemic Questions.

- Use first coaching tools.


Duration: 3 days

Cost: 1.155,- € p.P.

Dates: as required

Number of participants: 5 - 15 participants


Costs for company groups: 

- 6.660,- Euro (groups of 5 - 15 persons - 1 coach)

- 12.960,- Euro (groups of 15 - 40 persons - 2 coaches)


Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching 


Are you interested in getting to know the Coaching Basics

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We look forward to meeting you!