Agile Coach

Everybody wants agiles coaches but most of the people do not know what an agile coach really does. In addition, leading agile teams is ment to be the new dilemma with agile teams and their "leadership". Or is it no longer the so-called leadership?


The expectation of an agile team is always independence and self-responsible action. Ideally, everyone knows what to do and which steps need to be taken next.

As a Scrum Master I see every day that these and other expectations are far from being fulfilled. Teams are overstrained, want limits and clear tasks.


As an agile coach it is important to have a very good knowledge of human nature and an overview of almost everything at the same time. 


Many call themselves agile coaches without, however, being able to master techniques to some extent, coaching other people, themselves or complete teams, pieced together from different departments.

We would like to change this with this further training.



- Coaching Basics

- Team Coach

- Resilience and Improvisation Tools for Teams

- Work organization in agile teams


Duration: 6 days

Cost: 2.310,- € p.P.

Dates: as required

Number of participants: 5 - 15 participants


Costs for company groups: 

- 13.320,- Euro (groups of 5 - 15 persons - 1 coach)

- 25.920,- Euro (groups of 15 - 40 persons - 2 coaches)


Certificate of Yellow Olivetree Coaching 


Are you interested in further training to become an Agile Coach

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