Coaching and Team Development

Team coaching is the perfect tool for team development. It can be used for different teams: virtual matrix organized teams, already high-performing teams, new teams or teams who function less effectively. Team coaching is when two Team Coaches work with an entire team at one time over a couple of days to facilitate their development. Usually one Coach works with the management in one-to-one coaching’s and the other coach focuses on group development and groups structures.

Teams today have to handle many different challenges: digital workplace changes, development programs, outsourcing, globalization of local business etc.


Team coaching and tailored interventions help your team to  build upon the existing team dynamic and develop communication skills to overcome key challenges.


Some examples are listed here. This is only a snapshot of the possible portfolio. Please get in touch with me to check time, content, people and objective to develop your perfect team event.

Reflection of 2017



  • Get to know story telling tools and practices
  • Find out, what your team did the last year and create a story of success that no one will ever forget.
  • Use pictures, new ways of presentation styles to tell your story: clear focused, crispy and with a WOW effect.
  • Design a compelling power point presentation or  a creative and appieling flip chart

[Duration: 4 hours]

Create your own Agile Team Framework

  • Get to know the advantages of agile methods (Scrum, Story Telling, Design Thinking etc.)  for your team.
  • Learn and practice feedback technologies to increase team work and improve quality and reduce time.
  • Use Team coaching methods to define where to implement agile methods and where not.
  • Define first agile actions.

[Duration: 4 hours] 

Value the Past and Be fit for the Future

  • Introduction feedback culture
  • dEfine feedback rules for the team and practise 
  • Value each performance, work, behavior etc. of each team member
  • Go back to daily business with a highly motivated team, with new tasks that does fit to the organization and good success storys to tell from  the past.

[Duration: 2 Hours]

Definition of SMART Goals for 2018

  • Definition of SMART for you Team
  • Definition of “Done Goals” for your Team
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Presentation of Department or Company objectives
  • Bottom up and bottom down view definition of Objectives

[Duration: One day]