Systemic Coaching for you

In general, we coach all people who have a topic in:




As parents




Systemic coaching methodology gives you a broader and fresh look at situations that can cause us difficulty, conflict, frustration, etc.

Through the art of maieutics (Socratic method based questions) and clarified locate and define the starting point is that we want to achieve both personal and work. It enables you, to identify your own talent and areas for improvement in order to mobilize resources and achieve success.

A systemic coaching sessions are aimed at personal and professional excellence, to make the most of each and generate better relationships in order to have a perception of personal harmony. 

A typical coaching PROCEDURE

In my coaching sessions I accompany you through a solution-oriented development process. The following steps are characteristic and give you a first impression of what I normally do:


First contact: We'll get to know each other. We talk about your topic and what you want to clarify or change. We decide whether a coaching is meaningful and appropriate for you and we plan the upcoming sessions.


Transparency: We clarify and agree on the basis for your coaching. What is your current situation? What do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? What has prevented you from doing it so far? What else do you need to achieve your goal?


Deep Dive: We work out your actual concern precisely. What topic might be behind your concern? We look at the topic in more detail and shed light on it from all sides. We uncover internal conflicts, explore the environment of your concern and sort and structure individual aspects. We may re-formulate a sustainable goal for the desired change.


Change: You decide how to change your behavior, abilities and beliefs. We model and practice suitable actions. We try out new strategies, check their effectiveness, fit and discuss risks and side effects for you and your environment.


Establish: We establish your new behaviors, abilities, beliefs and check their risks and side effects. We conclude the coaching process together and anchor what you have learned for future application.


Typical coaching requests we work on

People who use coaching for their personal and professional development want, for example


  • Ho to position myself in a certain environment
  • My team does not work, or act in a way, I can't handle - what can I do?
  • Working and surviving in a men world
  • Gain clarity about one's own wishes and goals, set priorities
  • Develop strategies and prepare for the future
  • Making meaningful decisions
  • Reflecting on one's own actions, unlearning unfavourable behaviours
  • Improve your own communicative and social skills
  • Reorient yourself professionally, e.g. setting up your own business
  • Prepare to take on a new role or task
  • Better reconciling professional and private life
  • Conflicts with superiors, colleagues and other people are mastered with confidence
  • Recognizing and working on your own "blind spots
  • Overcoming recurring fears (e.g. stage fright, exam nerves)
  • Overcoming impending or acute stress overloads (e.g. burn-out or bullying)
  • Prepare, cope with or follow up on concrete situations.