Freqently Asked Questions

What means Yellow Olivetree?

Yellow stands for the creative way I facilitate my work

Olive tree is part of my Portuguese name.


Why Coaching?

Do you know

the situation, when you get stuck and it seems to be that there is no way out? That

is exactly, where coaching is a reasonable solution to get a step further. Let me show you some examples:

  • You have two or three options – you already did a pro and contra reflection of your situation. But are not able to decide what would be the best solution for you or for your project.
  • You realize, that there is a certain pattern, how you deal with a recurrent situation. However, you are not able to change your pattern and take a different path.
  • You have a great project, but you have no idea how to go ahead.You always step in the same kind of conflicts with a team. You don’t see any way of solving those conflicts.
  • You are looking for new perspectives – for you personally, for you in combination with others or for you in combination with a project.


Where does Personal Coaching help?

Usually, you have a certain topic (as described) and you need support. We firstly talk about your topic, secondly we check, if there are hidden topics connected and thirdly I coach you through a process, where you might get new ideas or in best case a solution that fits for your purposes.


You won’t get a solution from my side. A after our session, where I only place several questions regarding your topic, you will be in the position to find your own solution. I will offer you a process to change your perspective and to provide you a new focus and view on your situation.


In best case – your problem is solves after one session. Depending on your topic, more sessions are needed.

Is it Confidential?

All coachings,team workshops, group events are confidential.


A Team workshops – A good choice?

A team wokshop is always great when you need to get to a certain understanding of a specific topic, when you like to motivate your team or just to celebrate your successes.


But what if the team is not the same as it was in the past?

What if you feel, that there is a certain misunderstanding in-between the different roles, countries, cultures and generations?


For example:

  • You went through several changes in the past. The next big change is knocking on the door. Somehow, you lost your team. Those change are connected to digitalization, new structures, growing markets, virtual teams or redundancies.
  • Your company is a so called Startup and have been growing very fast in the last two years.
  • Team leadership and management structures does not fulfil the new requirements.
  • Global teams, especially virtual teams have more and more difficulties in teamwork, motivation, role clarity and feedback.
  • You need to implement global strategies in “local countries”. 
  •  You have a silo mentality in your company, and there is no way of  etting together?
  • You merged another company, how to start with a respectful and fruitful manner?  


All these are good reasons to plan a team workshop!