Expat Coaching

New language. New faces. New foods. New customs. Even if someone is a seasoned expat, the move to a new community requires an adjustment. It can be overwhelming - and lead an expatriate to lose sight of personal and professional goals.


If you feel, alone with wour thoughts, questions, already beginning trouble, missing home - sastemic coaching can help you to find your way through the new environment.


Working in several countries - I was in the same situation as you. Finding places to go, meeting people, find my way to work in different cultural working environment. 

Germany - more than just sausages!

With the help of Coaching you might:

  • acclimate to living abroad more quickly.
  • understand the German "office language" better.
  • getting things done. 
  • find your place in the new community.
  • know what you can do at weekends - where to go and where to stay away.
  • learn how to bake a original black forest cake, green sauce or Odenwälder cooked cheese.
  • and whatever else is on your list to learn to survive!


We offer personnel business and life coaching for all kinds of people - joining Germany.


Coaching language is either English or Spanish.