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In coaching it is very important to find the right person who understands you and your problem. How do you know?


Quite simply: It's is the first impression that counts! 


Therefore, it is important that you think carefully about what your needs are and which topic is important to you. We have created 8 different workshops for this event, in which one you will learn how coaching works. In addition you will get to know 8 different coaches and their personality. Take a chance to find either your future coach or to learn something new!

Susanne de Jesus Oliveira

Systemic Coach & Trainer

Already at school I helped others kids to improve their school grades.

Growing up as a child of a single mother in the 70s, I learned to survive where others drown.


Through my profession I have come to know and appreciate many people of other cultures in America, Asia and Africa. Through these experiences, as a coach I am very cosmopolitan, creative and always close to people. For almost every problem I help you to recognize a way out that was not seen before.


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Facilitator of the event

How to overcome inner and outer obstacles. 

Heidrun Pape

Systemic Coach & Trainer

I like to get things moving! Whether in systemic individual coaching or in team workshops - it takes time and space to find suitable solutions for challenges, to focus on one's own resources and in the best case also to have fun.


Et voilà: The colorful bouquet of new possibilities is ready!




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Facilitator & Workshop IV

Say Yes!

New ideas and impulses for your life. 

Vanessa Weikert

Health Coach

As a systemic coach with a focus on physical as well as mental 

health, I support people to put their health first. 

The personal mindset plays a decisive role here. By practicing mindfulness exercises, you develop a healthy body and you improve a healthy attitude towards yourself and others. In addition your own resilience towards the 

the challenges of everyday life are strengthened.  With my personal experiences I succeed in motivating others to make their journey to their inner strength and to profit from a healthy lifestyle.


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Workshop II

Empower Your Mind!


Maria Krauskopf

NLP Coach & Systemic Consultant

Sometimes you are faced with private or professional challenges and have no idea how to proceed. 

You can't focus anymore.


The solutions usually lie within themselves. As an experienced NLP coach and systemic consultant, my motivation is to support people in their personal and professional development.

To bring clarity in situations, to define goals and to contribute to solutions are my strengths.

 My motto: Discover a better version of yourself and unfold your full potential!


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Workshop III

Discover the better version of yourself!

Dr. Susanne Scheer

Systemic Coach

To live is to be on the road. I like hiking and hereby I love to look at things from different perspectives.

With a good feeling for people, situations, roles and cultures, I will gladly accompany you a little bit on your way. Use me as an appreciative counterpart for an honest exchange.

My work as a coach draws on my diverse experience in the fields of human resources, adult education, innovation, social work and everyday life.

I look forward to hearing from you and your topics.


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Workshop VI:

Find the right balance between work and life.

Julia Renner

Scrum Master

Sport is part of my life. I have been leading children's gymnastics groups since I was 15 years old. Today, as a experienced handball player, I manage to fit the balls in the right places in companies every day.

My passion is to write good stories, move people and organize great events.

As a Scrum Master, I am particularly impressed by the structured approach to project management and the use of many tools such as storytelling, design thinking, canvas ideation or team reflections.


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Workshop V

Agile Coaching - Storytelling

A great tool for a fantastic communication.


Valerie Wittenberg

Naturheilpraktikerin & Coach

As a Naturopathic Doctor I enable people to become well again by working with them on re-aligning their physical, mental and emotional selves using different techniques and natural remedies.  As a High Potential, I focus on the emotions that drive behaviors and beliefs in an effort to understand which remedies to suggest and the techniques that would work best. Coaching is part of my work where I coach people through changes they need to make to restore their health.  


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TED Talk

Working with Mutants

Decoding behaviors of High Potentials at work.